Cellulose Insulation

All-Borate Stabilized Attic Insulation

Xcell® Cellulose Insulation

Excellent R-Value

A home insulated with Stabilized Cellulose insulation has fewer air leaks and uses much less energy than an identical home insulated with conventional batt insulation. This means reduced energy and cooling costs throughout the life of the structure.

Excellent Safety Features

Class 1 Fire Rating

Class 1 fire rating meets or exceeds all requirements of local and national building codes. Its highly-efficient thermal barrier actually repels intense heat, and outperforms conventional insulation by forming a barrier to protect other more combustible construction materials.

All-Borate fire-retardent formula

Using a 100% boric acid formulation for its excellent fire-retardant characteristics. Borates are naturally-occurring compounds that are harmless to humans when included in cellulose insulation.

Xcell® Cellulose Insulation

No Man-Made Fibers to Irritate Skin and Lungs

There are no health concerns with Stabilized Cellulose insulation. Since it combines recycled newsprint with a naturally-occurring, non-toxic fire retardant chemical, you can be certain it's a product you can live with.

Excellent Installation

Since Stabilized Cellulose is blown into place, it completely fills in around wood framing members, electrical wiring, plumbing and other irregular areas buy levitra. As the material exits the insulation nozzle, it’s misted with water to activate the product's adhesive characteristics.

Excellent for the Environment

Through a unique process, newsprint is recycled into today's highest quality, best performing building insulation. With Stabilized Cellulose, you dramatically reduce the amount of newspaper that ends up in landfills. And with its superior performance, your lower heating and cooling costs mean far less consumption of our non-renewable energy resources.

Excellent Sound Control

A home insulated with Stabilized Cellulose is also quieter. Stabilized Cellulose has excellent sound attenuation characteristics, so it’s useful in interior walls, too. You can quiet down a workshop, laundry room, recreation room, bathroom or bedroom — wherever you want to increase privacy and reduce noise transfer.

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