Green Screen

Make Your Home A Healthier Place

The Green Screen
A dual density antimicrobial polyester filter which provides for maximum dust loading and particle retention.

A. White Layer - This layer of the filter, where the air will enter, is made from a coarse fiber structure which captures the largest of the airborne particles including dust, animal dander and other matter. This is where most filters stop in performance. The Green Screen is just getting started.

B. Green Layer - This layer has a progressively finer fiber structure extending the dust loading process. It also has a sticky non-migrating and non drying adhesive (wet tactifier) which captures and holds particles, trapping them to the surface of the individual fibers, enhancing the dust loading process of The Green Screen.

C otc cialis. Antimicrobial Agent- The Green Screen employs this agent which has clearance under the regulation of the EPA, FDA & USDA. This agent is mechanically woven into the fibers throughout the filter, and will not migrate or leach into the air stream creating a healthier environment.


Compared to the Ultra Allergen pleated paper filter:
Less expensive, avg size costs $12.
Collects around TWICE as many particles.... you should notice about 50% dust... and OFTEN lessens allergy symptoms 
Has approximate 30% better airflow: Saves on Energy cost!



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