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We have had 3 of our homes insulated by Weatherization Experts over the years. In every instance the home was immediately more comfortable and noticeably quieter with substantial savings in utility costs. When it came time to sell these became important factors that increased the value and desirability of the home. We could not be happier. We are life-long customers! -Marsha May 3rd, 2016


They did my attic insulation 5 years ago. They were very neat & clean. They were professional & polite. We had a reduction in our ONG & OG&E bills. The house was much more comfortable immediately, is still comfortable & the savings continue. If I move & need insulation again I would not call anyone else. -Shirley May 1st, 2016


They did my attic insulation about a year and a half ago. They take pride in the job they do. They did an exceptional job! I had two 6" vents that were blowing hot and cool air into my attic every time my system kicked on. They discovered this took pics where I could see it sur cette page. Two other companies did not discover this when they inspected and bid on the job. It made a world of difference heating and cooling my house. Not only that but when my electrician came to install a heater fan in my bathroom last month he asked who had done my insulation, said he crawled in a lot of attics and had never seen such a thorough job! Great guys to work with! -Maggie April 28th, 2016


In my book Weatherization Experts are the best! Friendly, and they take pride in their work and their product. Speaking of which, I had their insulation installed about 8 months ago so I can't speak about effects on electric bill during summer, but my gas heating bills were down almost 40% from last year and remember we had 2 bad ice storms early on. The product really works. They take photos before and after of all the areas so you don't have to go crawling around the attic to check their work. They were clean, efficient, on time, and made sure I was happy with all aspects of the job before they left. I am a very hard to please customer, but in this case I heartily recommend both the contractor and the product! -Swedelo April 18th, 2016


The job was just completed . I can already feel the house cooling down. Todd and Miles did a great job explaining the process and giving me an estimate. Miles called to let me know that the crew was on the way . The crew arrived on time and worked non stop in the extremely hot attic all day . They were very professional and cleaned up after the work was done. They took me on a tour of the job after the work was done and explained what they did. No mess in the house or the yard once they finished. I will definitely be keeping this contact for future insulation work in the rest of the house and will recommend this company to all my friends . Cellulose insulation is the way to go. -Sharon June 30th, 2015


 Built walkway from attic access to furnace, revised attic access cover for better insulation and function, added 10.5 in. (on top of existing 5-7 in.) of stabilized cellulose insulation to achieve an R-40 rating, sealed all ductwork including return air space. | |It went very well. Our house has been much more consistently comfortable, the air runs far less often, and our utilities are lower, on average. -Kamala May 29th, 2015


My experience with Weatherization Experts was as good as it gets! Miles and Todd were such a pleasure to work with. I was able to get an appointment for an estimate quickly, and I was provided with pictures of my attic and an explanation based on these pictures of what needed to be done and why. All my questions were answered and I was also informed that I was eligible for a $450 rebate from OG&E. Weatherization Experts even completed the rebate request form for me when their work was completed and all I had to do was sign and mail the form to OG&E. The actual work was done within a week of my initial meeting with Miles. The workers were on time, and completed the work with no interruption to my daily routine. I was very pleased with the whole experience and would not hesitate to recommend this company to others -Patricia April 22, 2015

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